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Rules for Employees

Rules for Employees

As per the First Statutes, 1983, Statute No: 170 of Vidyasagar University, following major and minor punishments may be imposed upon an employee by the appointing authority or by any authority to which the appointing authority is subordinate

  1. Censure

  2. Withholding of increments or promotion

  3. Recovery from pay of the whole or part of any pecuniary loss caused to the college by the employee

  4. Reduction to the lower stage in the time scale of pay for a specified period with further direction as to whether or not the employee will earn increments or pay do during the period if such reduction

  5. Compulsory retirement

  6. Removal or dismissal from service


 for reasons of :

  1. Neglect of duty

  2. Want of due diligence in the performance of duties

  3. Violation of orders regarding attendance and office discipline

  4. Misappropriation and Defalcation

  5. Insubordination or disregard or violation of the orders of superior authority

  6. Commission of any offence involving moral turpitude

  7. Conviction by a Criminal Court

  8. Tampering Official Records

  9. Any other misconduct that is considered unbecoming of an employee of the college.



In addition, if an employee is found guilty of willful destruction of property, the institution reserves the right to impose a fine to recover the cost of repair or replacement, as the case may be.